Engr. Joy Lemuel Valerio as featured in Tang's project:


about us.

HisPlan is a budding construction company with a goal to help Filipinos build their plans and dreams founded in security and high-quality work. It is about our clients and exceeding their expectations in projects they have entrusted us. With an aim not only to produce standard-compliant structures but also to be the trailblazer in sustainable construction, HisPlan is your construction company with the truest of passion.


Our Services

We know that turning your plans and dreams into a reality can be complicated. That is why we are here to guide and assist you every step of the way. From planning, designing, to actual construction, you can always trust HisPlan.

Do you have an idea in mind, but don't know how to start putting it altogether? Do you want your plans materialized with the help of reliable experts? We can help you turn your vision into mission!


In this stage, we are going to put that concept into a visually attractive structure design. Our company is comprised of a dynamic and flexible design team that will make sure your demands are met.


This is where your concept and our design are made into a solid and doable plan. This is where we figure out the labor costs, needed materials, and the time frame for the project. Our team will be hands-on up to the finish line.


Time is a significant element and we don't waste every moment when building a project. At HisPlan Construction, we believe that working efficiently while delivering impressive output are a priority.


Our team.

We are a group of dedicated people who understand that building a project is not just about achieving a certain aesthetic and design, but it is also about helping you build your dreams at the lowest possible budget without compromising safety construction standards.
Joy Lemuel N. Valerio

Engineering Manager (Proprietor)

Brenda Baluyut

General Planning Engineer

Grace Joy C. Tero

Architectural Design Specialist

Edward A. Raagas

General Project Coordinator



525, 600+

Minutes of hardwork




And countless ideas for you!


HisPlan in detail

We understand our responsibility of making you aware of our project-handling capabilities. Our company is equipped with the right tools and documents that back up our credibility as a construction company.

A Team of Professionals

HisPlan Construction is driven by a group of registered engineers, architects, and administration professionals who work hard to deliver great output for clients like you. Learn more about our team here.


Our Construction Equipment

From scaffolding sets, mixers, to welding equipment and safety gears, we are confident that day-to-day transactions are efficiently met using our complete sets of equipment and tools. Learn more about our construction equipment here.



Building a project will not be possible without any transportation means available. At HisPlan Construction, we finish projects at a great pace with the use of our available transportation means. Learn more about it here.


Our Setting

https://www.hisplanph.com/about/Founded and established in Arayat, Pampanga, we are a General Construction and Design company that delivers nationwide services. To learn more about our setting, click here.


Success for everyone .

I want HisPlan to be a good leverage of success to both its employees and clients when it comes to building plans and dreams. It is not just a construction company that looks into building projects, but it’s also a ‘home’ where healthy working and business relationships are created for the long haul.

Engr. Joy Lemuel N. Valerio

Engineering Manager (Proprietor)


Why HisPlan?

We are not just a general construction and design company, but we are people who value and maximize giving client benefits.
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